quickMOZ is a free online tool to check the domain authority (DA), the page authority (PA), the MOZRank and the number of Backlinks.

You can do a quick online Moz analysis free and without records of up to 50 urls at the same time


It measures the importance and popularity of a web page in relation to a series of KPIs. It is a vital metric for SEO positioning.
The key indicators (KPIs) to generate the rank moz are numerous but mainly based on the quantity and quality of the links (Backlinks) pointing to a certain Web page.

Its metric scale oscillates between 0 and 10 and is determined using an algorithm developed by the company Moz. The higher the value, the better.

Page Authority and Domain Authority

The Page Authority: Page Authority (PA) indicates the qualification of a single page belonging to a certain domain.

The Domain Authority: The Domain Authority (DA) indicator indicates the qualification of a specific domain on the Internet.

The metric scale of these 2 metrics is from 0 to 100 and it is better the higher value, therefore, better will be the SERPS position in the Google search results to position your content.


The backlinks are links that point to your website from other websites.
With this online tool you can quickly know the number of links that point to your web page.
It is very important to determine the positioning of SERPs in search engine results and therefore for SEO to have many links on relevant websites. Relevant eye, that is, they are links included in web pages of similar themes to our website.
In addition, it is important that these links occur on websites with a high domain and page authority.

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